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Why Pharmacy Staffing Shortages Demand Smarter Purchasing

Learn how to safeguard your pharmacy's quality of care and bottom line with smarter purchasing strategies.

You’ve probably seen the news that pharmacy staff from Walgreens, CVS are saying that they’re at a breaking point. You may also have read the statistics where 194 pharmacists were asked whether burnout has contributed to understaffing at their facility, and 75.8% of respondents said yes, whereas 13.9% answered no and 10.3% were unsure. . But as a pharmacy professional, there’s a good chance you already feel the effects of pharmacy staffing shortages.

Pharmacy work was always challenging. And its rewards usually outweighed the pressures. But now, we’re all doing more than ever with fewer hours and smaller teams. Much of our work goes beyond what we expected to do when we joined the field. Feeling stressed, concerned, or frustrated is understandable. Still, in order to succeed even as staffing shortages increase, pharmacies must retain their skilled personnel—the people their patients know and trust. 

This blog post will show you how smarter purchasing mitigates the effects of staffing shortages. We’ll discuss strategies to save time and money.  You’ll learn how to empower your staff to focus on the work they care about so they’re (literally) there for your patients. Staffing shortages may continue to rise, but you can protect your pharmacy’s quality of care and your business’s bottom line. Read more >

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