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Getting Ahead on DSCSA Compliance: Essential Steps for Pharmacies

Learn how to ensure DSCSA Compliance with proactive steps to maintain data accuracy, streamline processes and enhance patient safety.

You could practically hear a sigh of relief from the pharmacy community when the FDA announced a delay in enforcing new DSCSA regulations. Yet even with this reprieve, the challenge of managing even more data remains. And let’s be honest: in our industry, November 27 will be here before you can say “potential non-compliance penalties.” 

That’s why strategic pharmacies will use this delay for proactive preparation. There are steps you can take now to manage these changes. You’ll be ready for these new requirements which will save you time and money and provide some peace of mind.

The Impact on Your Pharmacy 

Pharmacies have had to factor Drug Supply Chain Security Act compliance into their operations since 2013. DSCSA mandates tracking prescription drug products throughout the entire supply chain: from the drug manufacturer producing pharmaceuticals to the pharmacy dispensing medications to their patients. It’s a crucial step to ensure patient safety. It’s also a legal requirement for pharmacies (with substantial penalties for failure to comply). Read more >

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