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3 Tools to Enhance Your Pharmacy’s Shipping Capabilities

Whether you operate as a mail-order pharmacy, support long-term care facilities, or offer prescription and OTC deliveries, it’s important to automate as much of your shipping process as possible. Otherwise, you’ll wind up spending your day logging into carrier portals, manually initiating shipments, and fielding calls from patients looking for delivery updates. That’s why BestRx offers a variety of features and integrations to help streamline shipping activity for pharmacies, including:

Multiple Shipping and Third-Party Delivery Integrations

BestRx has integrations with each major shipping provider: FedEx, UPS, and EasyPost (USPS). Once enabled, pharmacies can link each of their existing account(s) to BestRx and perform delivery-related activities, right from their pharmacy software, including:

• Electronically sync patient names and addresses to the selected carrier.

• Quickly generate shipping labels.

• Easily obtain tracking numbers and the delivery status.

• Viewing patient signatures (FedEx and UPS) or proof of delivery (EasyPost/USPS).

• Generating shipping reports, which can be filtered by a specific date range, provider, or order number.

BestRx also offers delivery integrations with AmeriShip, iOmni, ScriptDrop, and United Delivery Service. That way all your shipping needs are covered, whether you’re scheduling nationwide shipments in advance or need same-day services through a local courier. Regardless of the provider chosen, BestRx pharmacies can quickly initiate a new shipment, add a contact name and delivery instructions in just a few clicks. Read more >

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