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(#3 of 12): What are the values of BestRx? | Vikas Desai

#3: What are the values of BestRx? | Vikas Desai 

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#1: What sets BestRx apart from its competitors? | Vikas Desai


#2: How does BestRx support its customers? | Vikas Desai 


#3: What are the values of BestRx? | Vikas Desai 


#4: How does BestRx help independent pharmacies better serve their patients?| Vikas Desai 


#5: How has BestRx been proactive with helping community pharmacies increase their star ratings? | Hemal Desai

#6: What initiatives is BestRx taking to help pharmacists collaborate with prescribers and other providers? | Hemal Desai 


#7: What benefits can the BestPOS Point-of-Sale system provide to an independent pharmacy? | Hemal Desai

#8: How would you characterize BestRx’s approach to technology? | Hemal Desai 


#9: As the pharmacy industry continues to evolve, how does BestRx stay on the forefront of change? | Bart Rogacewicz 


#10: As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, how will this affect community pharmacy? | Bart Rogacewicz | BestRx 


#11: What are the benefits of the appointment based model? | Bart Rogacewicz | BestRx 


#12: How is the role of the pharmacist expanding? | Bart Rogacewicz | BestRx 

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