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ProxsysRx Signs Contract To Build And Manage Specialty Pharmacy For Massachusetts’ Holyoke Medical Center

BIRMINGHAM, AL April 10, 2024 — Massachusetts’ Holyoke Medical Center (HMC), a 219- bed independent community hospital with more than 1600 employees, has contracted with Birmingham’s ProxsysRx to build and manage a specialty pharmacy on the hospital’s campus. HMC previously contracted with ProxsysRx to build, staff and own an onsite retail pharmacy — serving the hospital’s patients and employees — which opened in June, 2023.


Specialty pharmacies, which operate under significantly stricter regulations than traditional retail pharmacies, dispense rare, complex, and often expensive specialty drugs. “HMC's onsite specialty pharmacy will enable the hospital to enhance its level of care for patients who are often the sickest, and in greatest need of the prescribing guidance and support that specialty pharmacists offer doctors and providers,” said ProxsysRx CEO George Salem.


“Holyoke Medical Center is proud to expand our partnership with ProxsysRx in order to continue providing convenient, cost effective care to our patients,” said Carl Cameron, Chief Operating Officer of Holyoke Medical Center and Valley Health Systems, Inc. 


HMC's specialty pharmacy will also give the hospital greater leverage in making costly prescriptions affordable to financially-struggling patients, through a program established by Congress called 340B. “ProxsysRx has been managing HMC's 340B program, primarily for its retail prescriptions, since late 2022,” Salem noted. “It’s already generated millions in prescription savings for HMC and its patients. The onsite specialty pharmacy has the potential to take those savings to the next level, which — in turn — can be used to support additional hospital services in the community.”


ProxsysRx will also use its proprietary software system to support the various services the company manages for HMC. “We’re particularly excited about our relationship with Holyoke Medical Center,” Salem concludes, “given the potential for us to serve other hospitals in its 13- member purchasing group — not to mention our track record for consistently meeting or exceeding client expectations.”


About ProxsysRx

ProxsysRx offers hospital systems proven solutions for optimizing pharmacy services’ positive impact on the continuum of care; solutions ranging from management of their “340B” prescription-savings programs, Retail and Specialty Pharmacy operations, to Prescription Benefits program management, and patient financial assistance. ProxsysRx’s services are available both on an integrated-program basis — or in individual components — and are supported by the company’s proprietary software system, which places actionable data, and business intelligence, at clients’ fingertips, in real-time. For more information, visit

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