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Proven Solutions for Pharmacies to Overcome Drug Shortages

Learn about the causes of drug shortages, their impact and how systems like SureCost's Smarter Purchasing platform can help. Read more.

In recent years, drug shortages have become a significant issue in the healthcare industry. Pharmacies around the world are facing challenges in sourcing and maintaining an adequate supply of medications for their patients. These shortages can have serious consequences, including delayed treatments, increased healthcare costs, and negative impacts on patient outcomes. In this blog post, we'll explore the root causes of drug shortages and how the right tech solutions help pharmacies overcome these challenges.

Causes of Drug Shortages

There are several factors contributing to drug shortages:

Manufacturing Issues: Problems with manufacturing, such as contamination, production delays, or quality control issues, can lead to shortages. Supply chain disruptions due to factory shutdowns or limited production capacity can also cause problems.

Regulatory Challenges: Strict regulations and compliance requirements can slow down the production and distribution of medications, leading to shortages.

Raw Material Shortages: A lack of raw materials, such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), can hinder drug production and result in shortages.

Demand Fluctuations: Unexpected changes in demand, such as during a pandemic, can strain the supply of medications and result in shortages.

Distribution Issues: Inefficient distribution systems and logistical problems can hinder the timely delivery of medications to pharmacies and healthcare facilities. Read more >

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