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The Infinity Series: Advanced Refrigeration for Pharmaceuticals

In the healthcare landscape, Follett’s Infinity Refrigerator Series stands as a vital lifeline, mirroring the precision of medical care. Its patented variable speed control technology ensures optimal temperature performance. Moreover, staff can easily customize configurations to adapt to changing needs, akin to adjusting treatment plans to evolving conditions.


This refrigeration system is a game-changer for pharmacies, combining ultra-quiet operation and energy efficiency without compromising the critical temperature consistency required to maintain the potency of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other vital products.

Infinity Series refrigerators feature Follett’s unique plenum air distribution system, delivering cold air at six levels for rapid recovery and consistent, precise temperatures throughout the storage cabinet.

The Infinity Series refrigerators are rigorously tested and certified to meet NSF/ANSI 456 standards, ensuring they deliver the top-tier temperature performance and reliability essential for safe vaccine storage. 

For enhanced security, the touchscreen user interface offers a comprehensive set of programmable alarms to stream temperature data to the cloud via Wi-Fi for convenient remote monitoring.

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