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Expertise • Integrity • Results

Expertise • Integrity • Results 

CriticalPoint focuses on increasing patient safety through a variety of educational compounding offerings concentrating on USP <797>, <800>, and <795>. Partnering with industry experts, we provide the most current and engaging training on industry standards resulting in improved competency and patient safety. Our offerings include eLearning, Live Training, Peer Network, Web-based apps and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). CriticalPoint’s web-based training focuses on standards and best practice. Each program is continuously reviewed and updated to assure you are receiving the most current information. If you are looking for hands-on training, CriticalPoint offers live training classes on Sterile Compounding, Hazardous Drug Handling, Environmental Monitoring, and 503B at our state-of-the-art facility, the CriticalPoint Center for Training and Research, located in Totowa, NJ. These classes are designed to incorporate didactic eLearning, lectures and labs to provide top-notch training on the standards of USP <797> and <800>. In addition, we now offer certification programs for 503A and 503B. Are you looking for help with your SOPs? We have partnered with Clinical IQ to capture their expertise through the development of a set of template policies, procedures, and accompanying documentation forms (SOPs).


CriticalPoint, LLC

Sarah Andresen

11B Commerce Way

Totowa, NJ 07512

PHONE: 973-256-6500 

TOLL-FREE FAX: 866-538-4783

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