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Total POS/Rx30 Integration

Total POS/Rx30 Integration

Rx30’s Point of Sale is designed for our customers that desire seamless product integration with the Rx30 Pharmacy Management System. Offering full touch screen functionality, complete two-way communication, FSA/CC ready functionality, EMV capable processors, integrated accounts receivable, total management of pharmacy Rx and OTC product lines, rewards program, customizable user security, wireless POS, and full front/back end management reporting. You’ll have the comfort of knowing that you are supported by a single source vendor that is committed to servicing and supporting it all! Better yet, you will be thrilled to find that you can finally have an integrated point of sale system at a price point that makes sense! With the addition of wireless signature capture functionality and the ability to completely customize what/how many signatures your pharmacy or state requires at the POS signature device, you’ll find yourself in complete control! You’ve always trusted Rx30 to produce the best. Now, with Rx30’s integrated POS, you’ll see that we’ve once again delivered, and delivered at a price that makes sense for your independent pharmacy!


Rx30/Transaction Data Systems, Inc.

788 Montgomery Avenue

Ocoee, FL 34761

TOLL-FREE: 800-289-7930

PHONE: 407-295-5050

FAX: 407-297-0048

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