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Full Circle Results: A Full Suite of Telepharmacy Services

Full Circle Results: A Full Suite of Telepharmacy Services

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services offers a full suite of telepharmacy solutions that help hospitals and healthcare facilities increase patient safety and lower readmissions, no matter the time of day. We utilize our tools, technology, and years of experience to improve drug cost savings and patient outcomes even after business hours. Our results are proven. We’ve been able to catch 1,300 medical errors per year and reduce costs up to 45% while improving care quality. We can decrease staff workloads and reduce readmissions with our solutions. These include: Rx-Remote Solutions, delivering off-site pharmacy services in an on-demand format; Rx-Transitions for medication-related transitions of care; Staff Augmentation providing routine pharmacy support through our on-demand telepharmacy center; Post Acute Chart Review that supports sub-acute care facilities with pre-admission chart/med review; And medication Reconciliation for inpatient, mail order, and retail prescriptions. Employing over 2,500 pharmacy professionals, CPS is the nation’s largest provider of pharmacy services to more than 700 hospitals and healthcare facilities leading to increased quality, reduced readmissions, and lower costs. CPS services include: pharmacy consulting, inpatient and outpatient pharmacy management, telepharmacy, and medication related transition of care services.


Comprehensive Pharmacy Services

6409 Quail Hollow Road

Memphis, TN 38120

TOLL-FREE: 800-968-6962

FAX: 901-748-4062

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