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Powerfully Simple Point of Sale

Powerfully Simple Point of Sale

Paladin is your all-in-one point of sale solution that integrates seamlessly with leading pharmacy systems. Patient information is retrieved to verify that patients receive the correct prescription and that proper co-pay amounts are collected. All information is returned securely to your pharmacy system when transactions are complete to protect patient privacy. Our intuitive user interface is simple to learn and operate with minimal training. Cashiers are prompted when signatures are required keeping your pharmacy in compliance with federal and insurance regulations. We are also a SIGIS-certified TPS solution, keeping you ahead of changes to IIAS-approved items that can be purchased with FSA/HRA cards. You can even split purchases between FSA/HRA cards, credit cards, cash, and other forms of payment. Our customers also rave about having a single receipt at checkout for OTC and pharmacy purchases. Paladin arrives fully configured, tested, and ready to run, making start up quick and easy. Pharmacy system integrations, built-in compliance features, customer loyalty programs, and easy installation are just a few of the many reasons to switch. Allow us to be your all-in-one pharmacy solution and unlock your business potential for a successful and profitable future. Learn more at


Paladin Data Corporation

3020 NW Merchant Way

Bend, OR 97703

PHONE: 541-526-9564 

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