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Meet WipeDown 1-2-3™ - Specialized Wipers Protect Employees and Comply with USP <800>

The new standard for handling hazardous drugs, USP <800>, has broadened the special protections required to minimize the risks for any employees involved in the production of these substances. Veltek Associates’ specialized WipeDown 1-2-3™ wipers are designed to address the danger of occupational exposure risk to most hazardous drugs during compounding and administering of sterile preparations, while meeting USP <800> standards.


Each WipeDown 1-2-3™ wiper comes as a three-stage application kit containing non-shedding, 9x12-inch wipes. The wipes are ready for use and come saturated with potent sterile solutions:

- Packet #1 – HYPO-CHLOR®, 5.25% sodium hypochlorite for deactivation

- Packet #2 – THIO-WIPE™, 2% USP sodium thiosulfate for decontamination

- Packet #3 – ALCOH-WIPE®, 70% USP isopropyl alcohol for disinfecting/cleaning

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