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Right Bag. Right Customer. Every Time.

Finally, your will call search is over!

The scripClip™ will call system helps pharmacy staff quickly and efficiently locate the right bag for the right customer, every time.

Once a prescription has been filled and verified, a scripClip bag clip is scanned and attached to the completed bag, which is then placed in any order into your will call. scripClip is the only will call system that supports multiple form factors. scripClip is also available integrated into a hanging bag format. At pickup, your pharmacy staff simply activates the customer search at their POS consoles and the appropriate scripClip tagged prescription lights up. Different colored lights are uniquely associated with each POS console, supporting multiple, concurrent transactions in a busy will call.

scripClip pharmacy will call management also helps make quick work of un-retrieved prescriptions that need to be returned to stock. Using the RTS command, the scripClip tags on all aged prescriptions simultaneously light up, enabling staff to quickly locate the bags for restocking.

You get increased productivity and significant time-savings as prescriptions are quickly retrieved regardless of where they are located — in bins on pharmacy shelves, in hanging bags, clipped on over-sized packages or even in refrigerators. Plus, no alphabetizing required!

Your customers realize higher satisfaction as quicker retrievals result in shorter waiting lines. They also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are getting the right bag with the right drug, every time.


  • Pharmacy automation for your will call! An advanced prescription will call automation system that ensures the right bag for the right customer, every time
  • Increases productivity and operational efficiency for pharmacy staff while reducing customer wait times
  • Works with existing bin or hanging systems – no special cabinet hardware or pharmacy remodeling required
  • Search engine activated LED lights enable bags to be stacked or hung in any order — no alphabetizing required
  • scripClips operate for months on AAA batteries. Automatic battery checks prevent bags with weak batteries from getting checked out to will call
  • Makes quick work of return-to-stock prescriptions
  • scripClip also offers repeater beacons that flash to indicate that a prescription is located in a refrigerator or secure cabinet allowing your staff to quickly locate prescriptions anywhere in the pharmacy
  • Optional text messaging with embedded barcodes allows customers to directly activate the scripClip location function for their prescriptions reducing customer wait times even further
  • Each POS console is associated with a unique colored LED light, enabling staff to quickly and accurately locate the desired bag allowing concurrent search and retrievals
  • Tote management for central fill or deliveries drastically reduces check in and check out times for groups of prescriptions
  • Automatically print stock labels on retrieved vials when return to stock is performed produces HIPAA compliant labeling for returned stock
  • Security features including an encrypted database and tamper alerts provide HIPAA compliant security and reduce inventory loss
  • Redundant scripClip servers provide automatic backup and quick recovery
  • scripClip generates analytic reports providing true will call inventory management

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