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Meet ScripClip - Right Will-Call Bag to Right Customer, Every Time

Inefficient pharmacy will-call management can result in long lines, potential dispensing errors due to name or birthdate confusion, and, ultimately, dissatisfied customers. 

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Perceptimed’s automated ScripClip system utilizes LED lights to help pharmacy staff locate the right will-call bag containing the right meds every time. Once a prescription has been filled and verified, a ScripClip bag clip is scanned and attached to the completed patient bag, which is then placed into the pharmacy’s will-call area in any order. When a customer arrives to pick up their medication, pharmacy staff key identifying information into the ScripClip console and the appropriate tag will light up for easy retrieval. Different colored lights are associated with different consoles, allowing for multiple concurrent transactions. Return-to-stocks are also easier with ScripClip; all unclaimed bags can be activated at once, allowing for quick location. 


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