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The Best Choice in Pharmacy Management Systems [VIDEO]

BestRx Pharmacy Software

BestRx Pharmacy Management System- Powerful, feature rich, and easy to use; a complete pharmacy software solution

Med-Sync- Align patient refills to provide convenience and increase medication adherence

BestPOS Point-of-Sale Software- Fully functioning, feature rich Point-of-Sale system. Fully integrated with BestRx

eCare Plans / Enhanced Services- Empower your pharmacy to improve its portfolio of offerings and provide enhanced patient care services

Medication Therapy Management- Connect with your patients for individualized medication counseling. Integrated with Mirixa and OutcomesMTM

Messaging Services- Send automated reminders, invite patients for vaccinations, manage your call bin with unique two way messaging

Inventory Management- Manage your wholesaler invoices and inventory

Cloud Backup- Backup your data to a secure, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant service for disaster recovery

Document Management- Scan hard copy prescriptions and related documentation

MethCheck with NPLEx- Validate and check PSE purchases

Mobile Delivery- Capture delivery prescription signatures on the go 

Nursing Home Interface- Print MAR forms, Multi-Dose packs and more!

IVR System Integration- Compatible with some of the largest IVR vendors

“BestRx has supported our business in every way possible; they have been fantastic!” - Eddie Curry, Craig Road Pharmacy, Las Vegas, NV

Our software and the features combined make for the best and easiest pharmacy solution on the market; don’t hesitate, call us to schedule a demo today!

The Best Choice In Pharmacy Management Systems

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