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International Medical Industries

Innovative Sterile Products for Compounding Pharmacies.

Since 1969, IMI has worked closely with hospital pharmacies and outsource compounders to create innovative products to address very specialized needs. We offer a complete line of sterile caps, connectors, adapters and more. IMI has made pharmacy compounding products our sole focus. As a result, our customers experience the quality service and value that only a specialized partner can provide. All products are made in the U.S.A. at our FDA licensed facility under strict quality and regulatory controls.

The IMI Product Families Include:

Prep-Lock™ Tamper Evident Caps for IV Syringes and Oral Dispensers

-The Prep-Lock product family is engineered to protect Compounded Sterile Preparations (CSP’s) and Oral Preparations. The likelihood of tampering or compromise is at its greatest during transportation when the product leaves the custody of the pharmacist. IMI Tamper Evident Caps help maintain product integrity and greatly enhancing USP <797> compliance. Tampering is immediately evident when the outer sleeve is broken or missing. Unused syringes with Tamper Evident Caps intact can be returned to inventory with confidence.

Prep-Seal™ Sterile Caps and Plugs

-Our Prep-Seal products are designed for any compounded product or compounding procedure that requires capping or intermittent capping. Common uses include the capping of syringes or as a protective cap for access ports on medical devices such as stopcocks or IV set when not in use. They are offered in both luer-lock and luer-slip configurations.

Prep-Fill™ Sterile Connectors (Fluid Transfer/Mixing)

-The Prep-Fill family of products facilitates the transfer of fluids. Common uses include the transfer or mixing of fluids between syringes or connecting various IV sets. They are offered in both luer-lock and luer-slip configurations.

RX-Vent™ Filtered Vent Needles

-The RX-Vent family of products offers unsurpassed safety and efficiency to the pharmacist. The Chemo-Vent is used for reconstituting and withdrawing cytotoxic anti-neoplastic agents. It prevents blowback of chemotherapeutic and cytotoxic drugs during fill procedures. The Filtered Venting Needle is used for the sterile venting of drug vials.

RX-Tract™ Sterile Fluid Extraction Needles

-The RX-Tract family of products offers the clinician the ability to withdraw fluids from all types of mini vials and deep containers. They are available in both sharp and blunt tip configurations and multiple lengths.

-Sharp Cannula: The sharp cannula is used to draw liquid for reconstruction or to pre-fill syringes prior to administration.

-Blunt Cannula: The large-bore, blunt cannula allows rapid transfer of blood with minimum hemolysis. The blunt end prevents accidental needle sticks.

FREE Sterile Samples are available for our entire product line. See why IMI has become the brand pharmacists’ trust for innovative sterile products.

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