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Going Above and Beyond for Your Patients and Your Revenue, With RMS' Point-of-Sale Technologies

Company Background 

Retail Management Solutions is the industry leader in point-ofsale technology for retail and outpatient pharmacies and is the only POS supplier specializing strictly in pharmacies. Having installed more POS systems in the independent and institutional pharmacy markets than any other company, RMS systems have become the industry standard. For outpatient pharmacies, we provide a seamless, front-to-back transaction and information platform. Security and compliance are paramount, and our robust systems have built-in safeguards. Redundant storage, encrypted communications, and certified payment mechanisms ensure protection and confidence. You can count on us for prompt service in all 50 states, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are a privately held company with employees throughout the country — pharmacy technology professionals with hundreds of years of combined experience. 

Product Overview 

Outpatient pharmacies should have a growing role in the health of your discharged patients, but seemingly most hospitals capture a small portion of their patient discharge prescriptions. The consequences of this include: reduced patient compliance, elevated risk of recurrence and readmission, and lost revenue. 

EvolutionPOS Helps Hospital Pharmacies Participate More Proactively in the Discharge Process 

Delivering the prescription to the patient’s bedside offers convenience for patients and their families. EvolutionPOS is easy-to-use and it places all the register functions in your hands. The mobile, handheld unit communicates immediately, wirelessly, and securely with your POS server. A single device accomplishes the customer check-out, including: 

• Customers sign on EvolutionPOS for all signatures traditionally captured at your POS (HIPAA, prescription, credit card, etc.). 

• Print receipt on the spot. 

• Swipe credit card at the time of delivery. 

• Process payments, including FSA/HRA cards.

• Real-time communication with store POS for transaction and signature look up. 

• Document pharmacist counseling. EvolutionPOS for pharmacy is based upon the success of our industry-leading POS offerings, Star-Plus, Star-Lite, and StarLink for enterprises with multiple locations. All are designed specifically to enable pharmacists and their staff members to provide excellent and efficient patient service. 

Features & Options 

EvolutionPOS v2 Capabilities Include:

• Taking advantage of our 30+ dispensary system interfaces, the most in the industry! 

• Barcode scanning of prescriptions and merchandise. 

• Capturing electronic signatures. 

• Swiping FSA/HSA benefit cards with real-time verification of funds. 

• Tendering options include: debit/credit, cash, check, and house charge. 

• Point-to-point encryption for secure credit card processing.* 

• PA-DSS compliant. 

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