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Modular Rooms and Adjustable Counters Expertly Crafted by Uniweb, Inc.

Company Background 

47+ Years of Experience and Still Exploring! 

Made in America for over 45 years, Uniweb provides the highest quality products and service to exceed all requirements. Uniweb’s philosophy has centered on building relationships to help customers identify their needs and arrive at cost-effective, viable solutions. Their expertise derives from partnering with pharmacy personnel, designers, architects, store planners, and other fixture manufacturers, creating an optimal knowledge base that customers can depend on. They enjoy a challenge! Their design and manufacturing capabilities go beyond the retail pharmacy doors. Whether it is new construction, relocation, or a renovation, Uniweb offers a complete line of fixture solutions and dedicated designers to guide you through the process. They provide products for institutional applications, retail needs, offices, workstations, and extended care facilities. Their progressive culture allows them to create and build long-lasting, cost-effective, and flexible displays — delivering more than just shelving. Let them help you improve your service flow, increase productivity, maintain pharmacy security, and add new technology, while bringing the operation in on budget with unmatched products and support! 

Product Overview 

Strength and Artistry 

After becoming a premier fixture supplier in the retail market, Uniweb became a pioneer and a leader in the development of shelving in the pharmacy fixture sector. Their RX product lines are all designed to provide efficient work areas for pharmacists and their teams. Uniweb RX systems hold more products, which equates to 35% more product storage in the same footprint over conventional systems; more profit to the bottom line! They also provide products for institutional applications, consultation and exam spaces, retail needs, offices, workstations, and extended care facilities. Knowing the essence of aesthetics to you and your customers in your retail and pharmacy spaces, Uniweb constructs productivity enhancing products using all-steel pharmacy systems, softened with unlimited choices of millwork décor and fabric panels. 

Uniweb’s Consultation/Immunization Rooms Provide You With ... 

Convenience and Ease of Access: With Uniweb’s portable and flexible design, store designers can install the room virtually anywhere. Our ADA compliant entries will accommodate all users of the space. The consult room can be placed near the check-out station for easy access for transactions, procedures, or conversations between patients and pharmacy staff. 

Privacy and Comfort: Welcoming ambiance with the use of privacy glass doors and panels to create a warm and inviting setting. Allowing for natural light keeps the room comfortable. Combine this with sound absorbing décor fabric panels to maintain patient confidentially. 

Optimal Layouts: Uniweb manufactures functional private spaces, and even complete rooms, to fit into your current layout. As your needs change, so can your room! Whether you need more space or need to change your operation’s layout, you are not locked into your original plan. These dynamic rooms allow the freedom to develop and equip your area for unsurpassed utility and appearance at an affordable price. 

Product Specifications: A Myriad of Possibilities 

An infinite number of design possibilities are available: custom metal finishes, trim strips, décor panels, laminates, wood and wood veneers, dry wall facings, decorative metals, glass, tile, awnings, special lighting, signage, and many others. Add these custom design features to Uniweb’s interchangeable components and accessories, and you receive endless options to complete or restyle your project. 

Additional Product Module 

FLEX Modular Counter Systems: Integrated and accommodating clutter-free functional workstations engineered to meet your specifications. As your needs change, simply rearrange or provide a single new component without having to reorder the entire counter run. The unit can be equipped with shelves, cabinets, countertops, electrical hookups, windows, locking doors, an array of storage above and below the consult desk, and infinite accessories. Built to size and color specifications and with metal or enhanced laminate exterior. Keep your team organized and supplies conveniently within reach, allowing for maximum workflow! 

Come Visit Uniweb at an Upcoming Trade Show 

BuildPoint, April 22-25, Austin, TX; NACDS/TSE, August 25-27, Denver, CO; HealthPoint, October 23-26, Austin, TX 

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