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Winland Electronics INSIGHT Solution - Seamlessly Monitors and Manages Critical Drug Environment Conditions

Company Background 

Winland Electronics is the industry specialist regarding critical condition monitoring, offering the most advanced and comprehensive critical-environment monitoring solution in the market. Headquartered in Mankato, MN with products made in the U.S.A. for over 45 years, Winland brings peace of mind to healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals worldwide. 

Product Overview 

With the CDC recommending the use of continuous monitoring devices for temperature monitoring, now is the time to invest in Winland’s EnviroAlert® EA800-ip and INSIGHT. The EA800-ip allows multiple conditions including temperature, humidity, and/or water presence to be monitored with a single device. Incorporate a 4-20 mA sensor to monitor advanced conditions including pressure, flow, critical gases, and more. With the EA800-ip you can collect and view data from up to twelve sensors (eight wireless, four wired). Cloud-based INSIGHT* allows you and your staff to focus on treating your patients without worrying about time-consuming steps needed to meet your regulatory compliance. INSIGHT enables remote access to monitor multiple sites from any location, the ability to receive emails or text messages of alarm conditions, and robust reporting capabilities. Use the acknowledgment function to quickly record temperatures systematically vs. manually. Build a response plan to allow your staff to react quickly and document actions taken should an alarm condition arise. Our clients experience a higher ROI due to the prevention of inventory loss, regulatory fines, and potentially costly lawsuits. Relax knowing your vaccines and medications are being protected, while complying with CDC recommendations. *INSIGHT access requires a fee-based subscription. 

Features & Options 


• Intuitive user interface. 

• LCD display with blue backlight that flashes under alarm condition. 

• Accommodates 4-20 mA sensors (pressure, airflow, CO2, etc.) 

• Wireless frequency 2.405 GHz - 2.480 GHz, 16 channels. 


• Alarm notification via text message or email. 

• Remote configuration of sensors for temperature, humidity, water presence, gases, and dry contact. 

• Sensor, alarm, and event data logs for audit trail. 

• Auto report generation when alarm is activated. 

• Logging collection frequency five to 120 minutes. 

• Monitoring of multiple sites from any location (with the purchase of additional EA800-ip consoles and sensors). Additional Product Modules 

Wireless Sensors 

• EA-WTS (Wireless Temperature Sensor): Monitors ambient room temperature. 

• EA-WMFS (Wireless Multi-function Sensor): Requires remote probe to detect various conditions (probes sold separately). 

• EA-WHS (Wireless Humidity Sensor): Monitors ambient room relative humidity. 

Additional Product Lines 

Other Accessories 

• TEMP-L-S (Low Temperature Sensor): Stainless Steel (Blue) Range -58 to 158° (-50 to 70°C). • TEMP-G-B (6 oz Bottle of Glycerin): Temperature Probe Buffer Kit. 

Pricing Information 

Pricing can be obtained through our distributors worldwide. Visit and click on “Where To Buy” to see all distributors in your area. 

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