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BestRx Pharmacy Software Opens West Coast Branch Office and Doubles Headquarters Space

OAK BROOK, Ill., Nov. 5, 2019

BestRx Pharmacy Software, a digital pharmacy management software company, announced today the opening of its first branch office on the west coast. The branch office is located at 5200 Irwindale Avenue in Irwindale, California and just recently opened on November 1st.

The west coast office is BestRx's latest step in expanding its geographical footprint to accommodate its rapidly growing customer base. BestRx has had staff working in the LA area for the past several years, but until now they had been working remotely from their homes. With the opening of the branch office, it will bring their staff together for improved collaboration and facilitate greater teamwork. Along with the current staff moving into the office, BestRx will be rapidly hiring over the next few months to add significantly to their west coast operations.

"The new office opens up opportunities for adding new support staff to meet demand." says Bart Rogacewicz, Senior Operations Manager of BestRx. "With this location, we'll be able to provide the support that our current customers have grown accustomed to throughout the entire business day, regardless of time zone. We can fulfill certain tasks with customers during the off hours and provide more technicians for our constantly growing customer base."

At their Oak Brook headquarters, BestRx's current office space has reached maximum capacity. So, in addition to the opening of their west coast office, on December 1st the company will be doubling its headquarters space by occupying additional space in their current building. This expansion will create room for new hires and will also include space dedicated to improving the overall well-being of their staff.

Hemal Desai, President of BestRx, said: "We have been fortunate to have been growing at an incredible pace over the past few years, both in terms of our staff and our client base. By expanding our offices in both Chicago and Los Angeles, it allows us to keep adding talented members to the BestRx team and continue our mission to help independent pharmacies serve their patients and communities."

In 1985, BestRx was founded by a software developer, Yogesh Desai. While helping his pharmacist friends, he learned that small pharmacy owners had a need for innovative pharmacy management software to operate their businesses more efficiently. In addition to meeting potential customers' needs, Desai visualized a business with the power to shape the future of healthcare and leave a lifelong impact on patient care and recovery.

Today, BestRx continues to thrive as a family-run business. The company has a team comprised of developers, support, and sales departments, along with administrative staff and a licensed pharmacist. Together the BestRx team serves a growing customer base of over 1,200 independent pharmacies across the U.S. As their team expands, BestRx continues to maintain its core values while providing easy-to-use software that addresses the unique demands of independent, community pharmacies.

About BestRx

BestRx is a leader in innovative software solutions that help independent community pharmacies succeed. For two generations, BestRx has studied the unique needs of independent pharmacies to create tools that benefit pharmacy owners, patients and communities. BestRx's software supports billing, automation and compliance to help pharmacies succeed — for the health of patients and the development of the community. For more information, visit


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