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Meet ARxIUM - Fully Automated IV Prep in the Hospital Pharmacy

Pharmacy preparation of IV medications is a vital activity that is both time consuming and time sensitive. Preparing IV medication is also subject to changing regulatory standards that must be met to ensure patient safety.  

ARxIUM’s fully automated RIVA compounding system allows hospital pharmacies to efficiently compound aseptic preparations in either syringes or bags, while remaining in complete compliance with USP <797>. By automating these repetitive and complex tasks, the RIVA system reduces the risks of contamination and human error. State-of-the-art safety features, detailed electronic auditing, and seamless integration with existing pharmacy systems ensures  that RIVA calculates accurate doses for pediatric, neonatal, and adult patients.


About ARxIUM

ARxIUM delivers best-in-class technology and unparalleled expertise focused on helping pharmacies of all sizes and types, with the primary goal of improving safety, productivity and efficiency. They provide comprehensive and scalable pharmacy solutions for every segment of the pharmacy market, including health systems, hospital inpatient pharmacies, outpatient pharmacies, long-term care facilities and government pharmacies. ARxIUM’s solutions are designed with category-leading automation hardware and seamless workflow software, all supported by unmatched industry knowledge.

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