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Meet Cleanroom Connection - Frequent Hand Washing Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Pharmacy staff members, like all members of the healthcare team, must practice thorough hand hygiene to protect patient safety. Frequent hand washing, however, can lead to dry or even cracked skin, which makes complying with hand hygiene uncomfortable and can even lead to contact dermatitis. 

The proper hand hygiene products can thoroughly clean the skin while protecting it from drying and chapping. Cleanroom Connection offers a cleanroom-quality hand soap that is designed for use at a sink with water. Their Bacdown soap is made for frequent hand scrubbing and contains coconut-based ingredients that eliminate drying. 


About Cleanroom Connection

Cleanroom Connection’s sales and cleanroom consulting team has over 25 years of experience working with cleanroom consumables. They work directly with trusted manufacturers of cleanroom supplies, protective cleanroom apparel, and cleanroom cleaning chemicals and consumables. They ship from 10 stock warehouses across the country to ensure you get your cleanroom consumables quickly, and they will stock your cleanroom products to ensure there are never any backorders.

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