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Meet BZQ by Liberty Software


Liberty has developed its pharmacy point-of-sale software from the ground up designed especially for community pharmacies’ needs. It is not just an add-on to a pharmacy’s system, but it is a fully integrated solution that is built into their pharmacy software platform. Liberty’s BZQ point-of-sale software can handle today’s complex payment processing with the ability to accept credit cards, EMV chip cards, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Flex and Health Saving cards. Pharmacies can manage inventory, place electronic orders with wholesalers, and print shelf barcodes with ease. With Liberty’s software, pharmacies can capture signatures for third-party audits, pharmacist counseling, credit cards, drive through, delivery, and custom restrictions all electronically. Pharmacies can, in real-time, track over the counter sales for pseudoephedrine and restrictions for monthly limits. Liberty’s point-of-sale software is also PCI Compliant and IIAS Certified for Flex and Health Savings payment processing.

For more information on Liberty Software, visit their website.

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