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Q.I. Medical, Inc.™ Your Partner in USP <797> Pharmacy Compliance

Company Background 

Q.I. Medical, Inc. was founded in 1992 with a focus on providing the sterile compounding industry with testing kits and products to assure proper technique and quality is maintained in their facility. We have a broad network of distribution partners throughout North America, Canada, and other international markets. These distribution partners provide in-person servicing and education to accounts to comply with USP guidelines. 

Product Overview 

Our cost-effective disposable products are available for various needs in the compounding pharmacy. Aseptic technique validation kits are available for low, medium, and high risk settings. We also sell multiple ala carte sizes of vials, bags, tubes, and syringes of growth media for facilities looking to create a custom media fill test that mimics their day to day practice. In regard to environmental monitoring/gloved fingertip sampling, our EnviroTest™ paddle is ideal for both. The rectangle shape and built in hinge allow for testing critical areas such as edges and corners of a hood and behind latch handles. Sterility testing products are available in both USP 71 approved methods of testing. For the full filtration method, the QT Micro™ and QT Junior™ systems work for both small and large volume solutions. For the direct inoculation methods, our TuffTest 2™ product is ideal. All Q.I. Medical growth media is challenged with a battery of USP specified organisms and lot specific Certificate of Analysis (CofA) are available for download. All products are sold through regional stocking distributors in order to provide fast local service and support. 

Additional Product Lines 

Additional products are available for validation of hazardous drug handling, automated compounder manipulation validation, filter integrity testing, and vial adaptors. Support equipment includes: 

- Incubators

- Sterile Filters 

- Vial Blocks 

- UV Lights 

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