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PharmASSIST® Pharmacy Automation Solutions From Innovation

Company Background 

Innovation is the leading provider of pharmacy automation and process optimization solutions to the retail, hospital, government, and mail order pharmacy markets. As your pharmacy automation partner, we help you define a clear vision of where you’re going and how to get there. We work closely with your team to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses your goals and requirements with an integrated platform of pharmacy automation offerings and consultative design services so you can transform your prescription fulfillment. 

Product Overview 

Our PharmASSIST® product suite encompasses everything from workflow and operations management software to counting technologies, robotic dispensing, and next-generation highvolume systems for central fill/mail order sites. As your health system network looks to serve your communities and employee prescription benefit program, our comprehensive suite helps you standardize your technology infrastructure and seamlessly scale your automation with minimal operational disruption. 


High Volume Solutions Completely integrated and configurable collection of highvolume robotic dispensing, workflow and operations management, conveying, collation, packing, and shipping technologies. Whether your site aims to fill several hundred or several thousand Rxs a day, our scalable solutions address the entire range of prescription volumes, physical space, staffing, workflow, and other pharmacyspecific requirements. Our high-volume systems deliver the best square foot to Rx ratio and lowest labor cost/Rx processing cost in the industry. 

Quick Start: A pragmatic starting point for small to mid-sized sites that fill 500 to 6,000 Rxs per-shift. 

Mid-Size: Known as the “workhorse” system for mid-size sites that fill 2,000 to 12,000 Rxs per-shift. 

Large/Custom: Customized, next-generation designs for large sites that fill 12,000 to 100,000 Rxs per-shift. 

 PharmASSIST SmartCabinet® 

Automates the counting of your outpatient pharmacy’s topmoving countable drugs and greatly enhances the quality of your prescription filling process. SmartCabinet’s small footprint delivers an unparalleled dispenser/space ratio with 50 dispensers in just 3 square feet, and the system easily scales by adding standard cabinets each with 50 dispensers. When integrated with a central fill/ mail order solution, SmartCabinet can help decrease wait times and increase patient consultations at your outpatient pharmacy. 


The only truly scalable robotic dispensing system in the industry with a capacity range of 70-140 dispensers. This enables your outpatient pharmacy to “right-size” your system for your current volume and seamlessly scale up as your volume increases. The system’s simultaneous counting, first-class quality controls, and continuous operation, helps you increase productivity, enhance patient safety, and deliver timely patient-facing care. 

Additional Product Lines 

- PharmASSIST Symphony® workflow and operations management software, and PharmASSIST Light-Way™ will call and storage/retrieval technology. 

- Compliance packaging, unit of use automation, and tabletop counting technologies. 

- Consultative Design Services: wide range of services to help pharmacies optimize their pharmacy operations related processes.

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