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Mockingbird Pharma to Complete Rebrand, Name Change in Early 2020

Mockingbird Pharma to Complete Rebrand, Name Change in Early 2020

Wholesale drug supplier to become Mockingbird Pharma

Mockingbird Pharma, a service-oriented wholesaler of generic drugs and a champion of independent pharmacies, announced today that it is rebranding and will soon be known as Mockingbird Pharma, a division of Mockingbird Health. The company, which was founded by a pharmacist for pharmacists, expects the transition to take place across its entire business as of Jan. 1, 2020.

The shift represents more than just a name change, but rather a better alignment of the company’s brand identity with its organizational essence. Mockingbirds in the wild are independent, loyal and bold, three traits that have been foundational building blocks since Mockingbird Pharma’s inception in 2016.

“We’re humbled by the tremendous growth we’ve experienced and feel that it’s time to position ourselves in a way that uniquely reflects who we are as a company,” said Clayton Salch, Chief Executive Officer, Mockingbird Health. “We got to where we are today by providing competitive pricing and superior customer service and we look forward to building on that legacy as Mockingbird Pharma.”

From the beginning, the company has prioritized building relationships with customers, employees and vendors—the three stakeholders it feels are most crucial to the success of the business.

Specifically, Mockingbird Pharma places an emphasis on its sales representatives being among the industry’s most knowledgeable. The insights the company provides to pharmacists are valuable to both the pharmacist and the drug manufacturer who leans on Mockingbird Pharma to relay each product’s value.

For independent pharmacies that have traditionally been underserved by larger wholesalers, the company offers drugs lacking complicated rebate structures that sometimes create cash management issues for pharmacy customers.

Collectively, those efforts are all underpinned by an enterprise-wide focus on collaboration, providing helpful customer service and a desire to promote a strong company culture. Mockingbird Pharma is licensed to distribute drugs in 47 states and maintains a distribution center in Texas.

“Our goal is to be the preferred pharmaceutical wholesaler by making it as easy as possible for independent pharmacists to do business with us,” Salch said.

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About Mockingbird Pharma

Mockingbird Pharma is a service-oriented wholesaler that distributes generic drugs to independent pharmacies. We offer access to an expanding product portfolio with attractive pricing and terms. The company is licensed to distribute drugs in 47 states and maintains a distribution center in Garland, Texas. The company will rebrand from Mockingbird Pharma to Mockingbird Pharma in January 2020.

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