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Mockingbird Pharma Receives Quality & Security Accreditation from NCDQS

The Dallas-based drug wholesaler is only the second facility to receive the honor

DALLAS – Jan. 16, 2020 – Mockingbird Pharma, a service-oriented wholesaler of generic drugs and a champion of independent pharmacies, announced today that it has been recognized as a Quality and Security (QAS) Accredited facility by the National Coalition for Drug Quality & Security (NCDQS).

Mockingbird Pharma becomes just the second facility nationally to meet the accreditation program’s stringent approval criteria. The term of the accreditation is set for three years and applies to its distribution facility located in Garland, Texas.

“Quality and safety are pillars of our organization, so we welcomed the opportunity to have NCDQS review how we operate and are honored to have met the standards set for accreditation,” said Clayton Salch, Chief Executive Officer, Mockingbird Health. “Receiving this stamp of approval reinforces to us that the processes we have in place at Mockingbird Health are among the industry’s finest and are effective ways to keep our independent pharmacy customers and their patients safe.”

NCDQS guidelines state that facilities receiving accreditation are verified to have proper licensing, appropriately source, handle and secure prescription products to protect product quality and integrity, authenticate vendors and customers, and comply to state and federal regulations including reporting requirements. According to a NCDQS press announcement, wholesalers who successfully pass the strict accreditation requirements reflect those that offer “a higher level of quality in the wholesaler operations.”

The accreditation process specifically included an in-depth analysis of Mockingbird Pharma’s standard operating procedures across a wide range of business functions, from employee relations to product authentication and the company’s protocol for reporting illegitimate product, as well as a thorough site inspection of its distribution facility to confirm security, storage conditions, operations and adherence to the submitted policies and procedures.

“Our business is one that’s built on trust, so it means a lot to all of us to receive this sort of independent validation,” Salch said.

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About Mockingbird Pharma

Mockingbird Pharma is a service-oriented wholesaler that distributes generic drugs to independent pharmacies. We offer access to an expanding product portfolio with attractive pricing and terms. The company is able to service customers in 47 states and maintains a distribution center in Garland, Texas.


The National Coalition for Drug Quality and Security was formed in 2018 by supply chain industry members. In addition to the Accreditation Board, NCDQS has an Advisory Board of people from the industry and compliance including those with experience in distribution, manufacturing, repackaging and relabeling, 3PL, consultants, FDA, DEA, Board of Pharmacy (member, compliance officer) as well as two members who purchase products from wholesalers. For more information, visit

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