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Executive Perspective – Dan Nesmith, Paladin Data Corporation

Executive Perspective – Dan Nesmith, Paladin Data Corporation

Our Features and Integrations Give You Ultimate Control

The world has changed a lot since we founded Paladin Data Corporation 40 years ago, and today, the technology industry is changing more rapidly than ever. One of the ways we have changed with it is to integrate specialty applications for such processes as online marketing, digitally enhanced in-store customer service, loss prevention, rental inventory setup and tracking, workforce management and bookkeeping into Paladin.

In the early days of our company, if a client asked for a specialty feature, we built it and added it to our package. As the technology industry has grown and prospered, there are now a number of companies that specialize in specific areas of business – accounting, workforce management, loss prevention, marketing, et cetera. The companies building these applications are hyper-focused on their specialties.

Our approach is to take our very best of our products and services – innovative inventory management, intuitive point of sale, managed services, and outstanding customer support – and layer in all these specialties to our core offering. Creating integrations to specialized applications makes Paladin a single touchpoint to manage all aspects of your business.

Accounting is key to the success of any business and we make that work easier with three valuable integrations: QuickBooks, Sage and Dynamics GP. There’s no reason any business should be manually entering accounting information into accounting packages.

Ez-Ad enhances your business’s in-store shopping experience and allows you to compete with big-box stores and online giants. It uses digital signage, a mobile app, and real-time data through Paladin to showcase product videos, product price comparisons, and more to customers. Learn more

Deputy simplifies the complicated process of workforce management. It leverages your Paladin sales data to forecast customer demand and allows businesses to build optimized employee schedules.  Learn more

Pointy helps your business compete with big-box stores and online giants by promoting your products and pricing within Google searches. It puts your inventory in front of more local shoppers improving their online presence and sales. Learn more

Point of Rental makes it easy to set up, manage and track rental maintenance, inventory, payments, customers and more. Learn more

Volusion is a worldwide leader in providing e-commerce platforms for entrepreneurs who might not have the technical knowledge to build their own online stores. Paladin and Volusion combine to give you the technology to grow your business through comprehensive inventory, marketing, sales and customer relations management. Learn more

Watcher Total Protection helps stores stop theft on both sides of the counter. Transaction data from Paladin is overlaid onto surveillance video. This helps you quickly resolve cash-back, amount-tendered, and missing-item disputes. Learn more

BlueTarp shields your business from credit risks. This credit management provider extends credit to your customers, takes on the risk of non-payment, and pays you upfront when your customers make purchases. Learn More

These are just some of the specialty integrations available in Paladin. No single software package does it all. But when it comes to retail technology that simplifies operations and drives consumers to your store, we either already offer it or are building it. We connect a vast number of specialty applications together and we’re good at it.

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