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Real-Time 340B. No Gimmicks - ScriptPro

Real-Time 340B. No Gimmicks.

You can count on ScriptPro’s automated, intelligent 340B processing to give you the confidence to easily grow a 340B program – helping your patients and your bottom line. Our data-driven, configurable 340B Management Package delivers real-time 340B accuracy today, not tomorrow. Gain efficient, safe prescription fulfillment while having broad in-the-moment visibility into 340B eligibility to safeguard compliance. Spending valuable resources separating 340B inventory costs, monitoring patient eligibility, or tracking and reconciling Rx to ensure audit compliance will be a thing of the past. And, with the support of multiple inventory centers, you can virtually separate, track, order, and report on each inventory type, including numerous 340B accounts for multiple contracts. This, combined with the 340B Eligibility Interface and 340B Claims Processing, ensures 340B stock is always purchased, adjudicated, and replenished according to HRSA standards. Your complete 340B solution in real time. No gimmicks.



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Mission, KS 66202

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