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Your Low-Cost, Quality Solution to Unit and Multi-Dose Packaging - Euclid® Medical Products

Your Low-Cost, Quality Solution to Unit and Multi-Dose Packaging

For more than 40 years, Euclid® Medical Products has been a trusted partner for pharmacies, long-term care facilities, and third-party re-packagers all over the globe seeking high-quality, efficient unit/multi-dose packaging and barcoding systems. With our proprietary Vantage™ Software, you get a customizable labeling program providing a single user interface to all Euclid® Medical Products packing systems, offering linear and 2D barcoding capabilities, fade-resistant thermal printing, and machines producing up to 120 units per minute. Recently, Euclid® Medical Products launched a number of new products including the Atomic™ Liquid Unit Dose, Vantage™ Label Printer, and Vantage™ Bagger. In addition, Euclid® Medical Products also has a new line of unit/multi-dose adherence pouch packaging machines called Axial® RMD-144 and Axial® RMD-352. Euclid® Medical Products is an industry leader that ensures patient safety by providing exceptional products and value to our customers. Visit our site and request a quote to see "The Euclid Difference" for yourself.


Euclid® Medical Products

339 Mill Street

Apple Creek, OH 44606

TOLL-FREE: 800-727-2543

FAX: 330-698-1254

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