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Strong as Steel Since 1970 - Uniweb

Strong as Steel Since 1970

Founded in 1970, Uniweb's expertise is creating quality interchangeable shelving fixtures. The ultimate beauty of Uniweb’s craftsmanship ... as your needs change, so can your space! Their factory-built units deliver long-lasting fixtures that can easily be reconfigured and updated, giving your space the resources to grow as your sales demands change. Additionally, Uniweb RX systems hold 50% more product storage in the same footprint over conventional stick-built systems, generating more profit to the bottom line! A sample of our offerings include modular rooms, clean-line wall storage panels, general retail merchandising, RX fixtures, locking cabinets, and adjustable height workstations. The walls, counters, cabinets, shelving, and accessories provide unlimited flexibility, while giving you the freedom to equip your space for unsurpassed utility and appearance, at an affordable price. Uniweb’s dedicated designers will guide you through planning your new construction, relocation, or a renovation! For over 50 years, Uniweb has collaborated with our customers, designers, architects, and store planners to assess all storage and aesthetics specifications, allowing us to share best practices to achieve the model that meets all requirements. Uniweb will design, craft, ship, and install!


Uniweb, Inc

Bill Bender

222 South Promenade Avenue

Corona, CA 92879

TOLL-FREE: 800-486-4932

PHONE: 951-279-7999

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