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Pharmacy Inventory Services - Capital Inventory, Inc.

Pharmacy Inventory Services

Nationwide pharmaceutical inventory experts since 1979. Providing service to UMC’s, health systems, VAMC’s, RMC’s, and hospitals. Our teams receive full benefits, are regularly drug screened, and specialize solely in pharmacy inventory service. Our teams speak NDC fluently and understand the dynamics of the pharmacy operation. The physical inventory process is seamless and unobtrusive as team leads strategically place the team in locations throughout the pharmacy to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Before completion of an inventory service, our teams actively work with finance teams and/or independent auditors while on site to validate the accuracy of the inventory data collected. Beyond the physical inventory, the data is then received, analyzed, and formatted into a report that includes all pertinent information to allow for accurate and precise analysis of the inventory data. Let our team of experts provide your next inventory valuation with precision, accuracy, and confidence.


Capital Inventory, Inc.

9725 Main Street

Woodstock, GA 30188

TOLL-FREE: 800-345-0849

PHONE: 770-928-7202

FAX: 770-928-2287

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