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Technology Built for Independent Pharmacies - Paladin Data Corporation

Technology Built for Independent Pharmacies

Paladin is an intuitive point of sale platform that puts your data to work and seamlessly integrates with leading pharmacy systems. Our intuitive platform and innovative products simplify the often-complex tasks associated with pharmacy compliance and operations with both governmental and insurance regulations. We enable seamless HIPAA compliance by conveying requests for signatures whenever necessary. We offer greater accuracy with fewer steps by directly integrating to the NPLEx database during patient checkout to track pseudoephedrine purchases and enforce purchase limits and signature requirements. And we are a SIGIS-certified solution, streamlining the purchase of IIAS-eligible and non-eligible products and splitting purchases between FSA/HRA cards, credit cards, and other forms of payment. We offer built-in protection for sensitive patient information by quickly retrieving and returning data to your Rx system once transactions are complete. We integrate directly to the top pharmacy wholesalers through electronic data interchange (EDI), which allows you to resupply your store with fewer steps while dramatically reducing errors. Our robust API enables integration with the top specialty applications in customer loyalty, marketing, accounting, advertising, workforce management, and so much more, making Paladin your all-in-one pharmacy solution.


Paladin Data Corporation

3020 NW Merchant Way

Bend, OR 97703

PHONE: 541-526-9564 

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