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A Single Retail Platform for Pharmacy - CAM Commerce

A Single Retail Platform for Pharmacy

Serving the pharmacy industry for over 30 years, RetailSTARx is a complete solution for pharmacy retailers combining: point of sale, electronic payment processing, inventory management, e-commerce, accounts receivable, customer loyalty, and extensive management reporting – all in one system. Whether you have a single pharmacy or multiple locations, RetailSTARx is the platform that brings together your pharmacy and retail operations seamlessly. Accept copays at the POS/mobile POS; process EMV/chip card transactions; log Rx signatures; print Rx receipts; fulfill orders with dispensing systems such as McKesson and Rx30; provide offline delivery; integrate your POS and e-commerce; scan Rx barcodes; communicate with suppliers via EDI; provide loyalty programs, discount strategies, gift cards, frequent buyer clubs; engage/educate consumers with personalized (and automated) email campaigns; comply with HIPAA Notice of Privacy Policy (NOPP); and integrate with NPLEx and MethCheck Enterprise. To learn more about our pharmacy solution or to see a demo, contact our sales team.


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