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Compounding Testing Products for Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance - Q.I. Medical

Compounding Testing Products for Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance

For over 20 years, Q.I. Medical has been a trusted provider of quality assurance products to compounding pharmacies throughout the world. Our focus is on developing easy-to-use products for our customers to help them with their in-house testing needs. Whether it is a low, medium, or high-risk facility, Q.I. Medical can help them to be in compliance with regulatory guidelines (USP <797>, USP <71>, 503A, or 503B, etc.). Cost-effective disposable products are available for aseptic/media fill, sterility testing, environmental monitoring, gloved fingertip sampling, hazardous drug manipulation testing, vial adaptors, and other growth media and filtration related products. Support equipment includes: incubators, filter integrity testers, vial blocks, and UV lights. All media is challenged with a battery of USP specified organisms, and lot specific Certificate of Analysis (CofA) are available for download. All products are sold through regional stocking distributors in order to provide fast local service and support. Please contact us for more information.


Q.I. Medical, Inc.

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