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Intuitive, Affordable Solution That Gives You More Time for Patients - QS/1® – SharpRx®

Intuitive, Affordable Solution That Gives You More Time for Patients

QS/1’s SharpRx is an intuitive, touchscreen pharmacy management system that’s fast, affordable, and designed with a focus on adherence. Built for efficient prescription filling, strong audit security, intelligent business management, and modern patient care, SharpRx provides medication synchronization, immunization reporting, document management, and extensive reporting tools. Created from unrivaled industry experience, SharpRx estimates DIR fees and improves workflow with smart-search technology and the ability to switch between tasks, link family members, and create custom forms and labels. It includes productivity tools like electronic prescription processing and PMP reporting, eligibility checking, prior authorization, price updates, clinical and prescriber updates, and drug images and imprints. The system also includes important modules like POS and accounts receivable. Plus, SharpRx works with most plug-and-play hardware because we believe community pharmacists deserve easy, integrated technology that results in business confidence and improved patient health outcomes. QS/1 serves customers through regulatory updates, product development, enhancements, 24/7 emergency support, and nationwide hardware support.  



Steve Ihrke

National Director of Community Sales

201 West St. John Street

Spartanburg, SC 29306

TOLL-FREE: 866-548-9190

FAX: 864-253-8690

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