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Unit-Dose and Multimed Blister Packaging - Omnicell

Only Omnicell provides a full suite of scalable medication adherence solutions to help you achieve your business goals and improve patient outcomes. SureMed® by Omnicell blister cards, labels, and printing solutions allow pharmacies to offer their services in a variety of care settings ranging from long-term care to assisted living facilities as well as retail. Single-dose blister cards and unit dose foil packaging offer a cost-effective method for delivering medications to patients in long-term care settings. SureMed by Omnicell multimed blister cards help pharmacies differentiate with solutions demonstrated to improve patient adherence. Omnicell’s Guided Packing Software helps increase the accuracy of hand-packing and gain more patients. Omnicell offers a complete line of packaging equipment and automation to increase the efficiency of packing single-dose and multimed blister cards. 


Omnicell, Inc.

590 East Middlefield Road

Mountain View, CA 94043

TOLL-FREE: 800-850-6664

PHONE: 650-251-6100

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