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Hazardous Compounding Cleanrooms and Products

Hazardous Compounding Cleanrooms and Products

Grifols Misterium® Modular Cleanroom System offers significant financial and performance advantages over traditional cleanroom solutions. Misterium is designed to meet the demands of the most stringent medical and aseptic environments. As a result, it is the solution of choice by many biomed, life science, biotech, medical device, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical facilities. Grifols KIRO® Oncology is the next-generation system for compounding of sterile preparations of oncology drugs, including chemotherapy and biologicals. Grifols is a global healthcare company dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people around the world. Founded in Barcelona, Spain in 1940, Grifols now operates four divisions: Bioscience, Diagnostic, Hospital, and Bio Supplies, and employs 21,000 employees across 30 countries. The Grifols Hospital Division has leveraged its legacy of safety and compliance to the development of inclusiv®, a comprehensive portfolio of integrated technology, software, and services designed to help meet the challenges of producing compounded sterile preparations while supporting sustainable improvements in operational efficiencies. The portfolio includes cleanroom equipment and consulting, IV workflow management systems, robotics and other compounding devices, and operations software.



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