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ISOlutions for Cleanroom and Medical Supplies

ISOlutions for Cleanroom and Medical Supplies

ISO-MED, INC., an industry leader for all your USP 800 needs, provides an unparalleled level of service and convenience for all medical industries. Whether it’s for the pharmacy cleanroom environment, laboratory, or homecare, ISO-MED is known for developing and distributing products that meet or exceed all USP 800 compliance. Innovative products such as: sterile chemo prep-mats, sterile and non-sterile chemo gloves, wipes, sterile alcohol, apparel (both sterile and non-sterile) for compounding hazardous drugs, chemo technique testing kits, and USP 800 compliance wipe kits will help our customers stay USP 800 compliant. We offer a unique opportunity to provide top quality products and are driven to help healthcare organizations save money.



1220 Graphite Drive

Corona, CA 92881

TOLL-FREE: 800-797-1405

FAX: 951-547-1681

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