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Drug Disposal System – Safe, Easy, Compliant - Rx Destroyer™

Drug Disposal System – Safe, Easy, Compliant 

Drug disposal compliance made easy! As the reigning market leader, Rx Destroyer™ provides safe, easy, and federally compliant pharmaceutical disposal that quickly neutralize medications on-site. Rx Destroyer™ products comply with DEA and EPA regulations, accepting all forms of solid and liquid medications. The Rx Destroyer’s™ patented formulation uses a unique liquid and activated charcoal solution to neutralize medications. Pills, capsules, patches, powders, suppositories, and liquids are rendered irretrievable and unavailable for misuse. Rx Destroyer™ family of products offers an unmatched range of container sizes to serve any environment or budget. Rx Destroyer™ products are ready-to-use, do not require batteries or addition of water, and never require contracts. Simply add medication and discard when full. Rx Destroyer™ customers have come to trust and rely on Rx Destroyer’s™ education-based philosophy, industry insights, and best practice experience to quickly and cost-effectively meet compliance requirements. Facility implementation is quick and seamless to ensure your facility's compliance. Rx Destroyer™ offers phone, on-site, or web-based tutorials to get your facility compliant in hours. Compliance made easy. Rx Destroyer™, society, and the environment thank you for making safe drug disposal a priority. Saving water, saving lives, one prescription at a time.


Rx Destroyer™

701 Black Hawk Drive, Suite F

Burlington, WI 53105

TOLL-FREE: 888-608-5160

FAX: 262-457-4977

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