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Automation Solutions to Fit Your Needs - Noritsu Pharmacy Automation [VIDEO]

Noritsu Pharmacy Automation

Strip Pouch Packagers

-Xana 4001 U2 NA

-Xana 2040

-Xana Z-Series

From start-up to high production, Noritsu has automation solutions to fit your needs

Reliability - it's what drives us. It's what inspires us every day to be the best business partner to our customers. It's what we expect of our products, of our employees, and of the entire company. And, it's why we've had customers stay with us for over 50 years. 

"I made the right choice in Noritsu. They are there for me as a partner and we continuously communicate about how to make my operation and systems run better." -Mick Blazier, Director of Pharmacy, EverSpring Pharmacy, St. Louis, MO

Detection and Accessories

MDM Series detection machines to automate your verification process

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