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Meet the DOSIS U60 by Manchac Technologies

The DOSIS U60 makes filling blister cards truly a hands-free process. It can fill blister cards of any quantity, including calendar-filling to match the card numbering to the day of the month. The U60 is capable of processing 28, 30 or 31-day single medication blister cards targeting long term care, institutional, and correctional facilities. The U60 integrates with other DOSIS products such as mPAQ printing and cTRAQ prescription sorting. If multiple DOSIS products are used, they are all driven by a single interface with a pharmacy’s software. Unlike other DOSIS products, the U60 is capable of printing the necessary information on each blister cup. With the DOSIS U60 blister card filling is a cinch.

U60xsm.pngU60cardsm.jpg   zoomedu60card.jpg

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