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Why Choose MedXL?

Why Choose MedXL?


Committed to Quality

MedXL has been committed to providing medical devices to pharmaceutical, consumer, and healthcare communities for over 25 years. Blending industry-advanced technology with a team approach to quality, we offer the industry’s most comprehensive advantage, encompassing medical devices.

Customer Satisfaction

MedXL offers an unmatched combination of technologies and services with the dedication and passion to help our customers succeed. Our continual investment in facilities and technology ensures that our customers have the best possible products for continued success.

Quality of Life

At MedXL, we are committed to improve the quality of life of patients all over the world. That simple statement has been the focus of our people and our company since it was first articulated by MedXL founder Paul Parisien more than 25 years ago.

Our mission, vision, and values define what makes us special, makes us unique, makes us MedXL.


At MedXL, we work at IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF PATIENTS ALL OVER THE WORLD by providing innovative healthcare and life science products around the globe.


Inspired by our Customers’ efforts to improve the quality of life of patients, and guided by our legacy of leadership and innovation, we strive to be a unique Company. To MedXL, this means we will make a difference by providing world-class products and service solutions for our customers.


-PARTNER FOR LIFE. Our motto - Our Customer is the most important person in our business. No business activity, other than quality, is more important than listening, learning, and providing superior product and service solutions to our customers.

-INNOVATION. Our Company is built on a collection of innovative ideas and a passion for continuous improvement. We challenge the status quo and take measured risks, exploring all ideas that can improve our quality, delivery and cost performance daily. We provide meaningful value to our customers with our products and services solutions.

-TEAMWORK. Winning together. We believe unity of purpose and teamwork enables us to do far more than we could individually. Our team turns interesting ideas into great product and service solutions.


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