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Drug Package Inc

One Source for Labels, Forms, Bags, and LTC Packaging Supplies

Drug Package, LLC has serviced pharmacies nationwide for over 138 years. A leading innovator throughout those years, Drug Package, LLC continues to keep pace with changing technology and anticipate new product demands. Computer-generated prescription labels are available in single or multi-label formats for laser, thermal, and dot matrix printing. Label/Form combinations offer pressure-sensitive prescription and legend labels combined with bond paper patient information and transaction receipts. New to the pharmacy market: SmartFlow Urgency color-coded hanging RX bags allow orders to be filled according to patient urgency. Bags come in four colors: red, yellow, green, and purple. Hanging bags make it quick and easy to find a patient’s prescriptions and help eliminate the possibility of costly errors. Pouches on front and back allow for easy storage and retrieval of pricing and auxiliary labels. Pharmacy supplies available includes stock and personalized paper bags, pre-printed communication labels and prescription blanks, mortars, pestles, cushioned floor mats, and more. A wide variety of medication blister cards and LTC carts are offered to service the pharmacy’s long-term care customers. Drug Package’s customer service is second to none. Our highly trained national sales force and home-based customer service team work together to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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