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Health Care Logistics

Pharmacy Bags, Bins, Labels, Vials

Plastic bags are among the most versatile products in our inventory. Whether you use them for storing or dispensing medication, organizing supplies or protecting crash cart box contents, you can find the exact style and size bags for all your enclosure needs at Health Care Logistics. Our selections include preprinted and custom printed bags, amber bags for light sensitive medication and security bags for traceability and chain-of-custody reporting. Specialized bags also are available for chemo and biohazard waste.


Few storage products can call themselves as “virtually unbreakable” and actually mean it, but our Super Tough Bins live up to their name and look good doing it, too. We stock Super Tough Bins in 12 sizes and 14 colors to help you sort and organize items with the added benefit of color-coding. Control inventory, shorten assembly time and minimize parts handling with these durable, long-lasting bins that can stand up to just about anything! Stack your bins to save space or hang them from panels to create a convenient picking station. Add dividers to further organize contents or lids to protect items from dust and debris.


With personalized labels in place, users can work more efficiently and achieve greater results because they spend less time searching for supplies or identifying contents inside a cart, bin or cabinet. Likewise, specially made labels can easily convey precise information and reduce the risk of confusion that can lead to costly medical mistakes. Made-to-order labels are available in multiple sizes and styles to meet virtually any need or application. Add barcodes, graphics and colors to create a truly unique label that improves communication in the busy medical setting. Create your own label on our website or work with one of our talented print specialists to create your one-of-a-kind label design.


HCL offers wide range of pharmacy vials to meet all drug dispensing needs, including Sterile Empty Vials in six sizes to meet a range of medication preparation demands. Dry-heat sterilized vials are made of Type 1, USP, borosilicate glass. Calibrated Window Strip Vials are another option to improve medication dispensing accuracy and patient safety. Vials feature clear window strips to make it easy to see precisely how much medication is inside each container. When used with our Calibrated Droppers, they make an ideal choice for delivering oral liquid narcotics and similar medications.

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