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COVID-19 – ScriptPro Is Here to Help You

COVID-19 – ScriptPro Is Here to Help You

Now more than ever, healthcare systems and pharmacies are being called upon to provide critical services to our communities. ScriptPro supports thousands of these operations in the U.S. and worldwide. Here are just a few of the ways we can help.

1)  Pharmacies experiencing staff shortages and the need for social distancing can use robots. We can deploy these quickly and efficiently into any pharmacy environment along with training and 24×7 support.

2)  Pharmacies using our workflow and pharmacy management systems can leverage built-in communications capabilities to send text messages to patients explaining procedures for accessing pharmacy services. We will deploy this messaging service at no charge to customers using our communications module.

3)  Pharmacies using our workflow and pharmacy management platforms can implement PharmacyPro, a mobile application to support curbside or delivery mobile dispensing and point of sale functions.

4)  We can also stand up or expand remote access solutions to allow staff to operate our workflow and pharmacy management platforms from home or other remote locations.

5)  Pharmacies using our web-based Advanced Pharmacy Clinical Services (APCS) extension to our pharmacy management platforms will soon receive clinical programs and protocols for outpatient COVID-19 patient case management based on latest available industry knowledge. We plan to update this regularly as new data is released, including new information from clinical trials impacting outpatient treatment.

6)  We are ensuring that our drug information database includes the latest drug variations to facilitate dispensing.

We can work with you to rapidly deploy the above technologies and help you navigate other pharmacy practice issues. For example, our Strategic Industry Affairs regulatory research team has confirmed that Department of Health and Human Services is waiving the requirement to obtain a patient signature when dispensing medications, including controlled substances, and auditing will be suspended.

Here is a case in point from one of ScriptPro’s pharmacy partners showing how our technologies are making a difference.

Please contact us if you need advice or help implementing the above services for your pharmacy: Email us.


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