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PerceptiMed | scripClip Will Call System Saves Time, Improves Safety [Video]

Company Background 

PerceptiMed was founded in early 2012 with a driving purpose – to reduce the margin of human error in prescription dispensing in pharmacies, long-term care facilities, and hospitals. 

Product Overview 

PerceptiMed’s feature-rich scripClip™ Will Call System includes verification checks that ensure customers receive their correct medications. ScripClip provides labor saving search and RTS functions, locates all prescriptions belonging to a customer including family member prescriptions, and locates packages everywhere in the pharmacy. No store remodeling is necessary. It’s the only system that supports both hanging bags and clips for paper bags. ScripClip’s ultra-efficient power management allows it to operate for months on a single, replaceable battery. 

Features & Options

 PerceptiMed’s scripClip Will Call System has 12 advanced features for improved workflow, efficiency, and safety: 

1. Prescription verification of medications/bag. 

2. Works anywhere, including refrigerators. 

3. Fits anywhere – no store remodeling. 

4. Labor saving return-to-stock. 

5. Convert will call inventory into sales. 

6. Tamper proof, diversion alerts. 

7. Central fill tote support (optional). 

8. Express pick up – locate directly from your customer phone app (optional). 

9. Hanging bag and paper bag clip versions. 

10. Just in time inventory – identify specific medications in will call. Search by patient, drug, NDC, dose, etc. 

11. Rapidly identifies medications not picked up – improves medication adherence. 

12. Home delivery support (optional). Looking at the return on investment for the scripClip system, the two highest values for a pharmacy owner are: (1) rapidly locating hanging bag inventory in will call, at any time, for any date range – and converting will call inventory to sales; and (2) eliminating mishandled prescriptions at the POS, reducing HIPAA violations, and accurately and quickly locating all filled prescriptions for your customers – promoting good customer service and greatly enhancing the customer experience. These two features alone will turn your scripClip system into a revenue vehicle for your pharmacy. 

Additional Product Modules

Optional delivery, express pickup via text message, central fill tote support, and data analytics modules. 

Markets Served

U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

Trade Shows/Meetings Attended

See a demo of scripClip at the following events: PDS, NACDS Total Show Expo, NCPA Annual Convention, AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health RBC, Technology Health Exchange (ComputerRx/ Rx30), and PioneerRx. 

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