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Being able to foresee what the pharmacy industry needs and then exceeding those requirements have been the hallmark of Cameron and Company. Their pharmacist Registry® eliminated the hassle of recruiting and hiring by providing pharmacies with licensed pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians, becoming the number one provider of temporary pharmacy talent to pharmacies.

But today's world is more complicated. More than 4,000 hospitals are lacking 24-hour pharmacist coverage. Cameron and Company quickly addressed the need for temporary pharmacists to dispense medications from anywhere, even before the pandemic. With TeleCameron®, hospitals have 24/7 coverage by providing the facility with a clinical pharmacist who cannot work at your location (due to travel or other restrictions) but can work remotely to review, accept, and fill prescriptions for your customers via a secured network. 

Another critical pharmacy offering is AdherenceCameron,® which helps patients or their providers optimize drug therapy at a lower cost—with no decrease in quality of care. Experts improve medication use by performing comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs) and targeted intervention programs (TIP®s). 

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