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It's in the Numbers - EzriRx

If you are transforming the pharmaceutical marketplace, the numbers must back your claim and platform. By leveraging technology, providing above-and-beyond service, and building trusted relationships with supplies, EzriRx differentiates itself, and the evidence is in the numbers:

More than 3,000 healthcare providers in the United States trust EzriRx platform.

Pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and physicians can compare pricing on over 65,000 Rx, OTC, HBA, Med-Surg, and pet supplies.

Providers can select products from more than 20 wholesalers nationwide.

The platform is 100 percent free for buyers, and it only takes two minutes to complete the sign-up process and get started.

The EzriRx platform is the new standard in healthcare purchasing because of the savings and ease of use. Whether an independent or facility pharmacy, it's the collection of customers on EzriRx that allows pharmacies to save on negative reimbursements and ultimately increase their bottom line. 


Pharmacies moving from a single-source vendor to EzriRx now receive many options. And those products are presented in an intuitive, responsive manner for the user. Pain points and clutter are now things of the past.

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