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Quick and Safe Transport of Sensitive Medicines With Air Link International

Does the hospital pharmacy need a quick and safe transport of sensitive medicines to get it to the patient who is ten stories up and needs it immediately? Air Link International develops a series of pneumatic tube system to meet the needs of the medical facility and pharmacies. They range from a point-to-point system to a complex custom semi-automatic or fully-automatic multi-station computer programmed system. Whether the system, they all result in the following:

Energy Savings

The engineers—who design an Air Link pneumatically controlled device system—configure it to require less electricity. They accomplish this by compressed air moving components through the tube from entry point to landing, offering a low voltage option when it matters most. The system will have a longer life expectancy and more reliability when compared to electric motors. 

Safe Transport

Systems can reach average speeds of 25 ft. per seconds depending on the application. Those speeds are not lost on the team at Air Link. They understand that the goods transported could save a life, so that package needs protection. Sensitivity measures are in place to safeguard materials such as medications, glass bottles, IV bags, lab samples, blood, and other medical goods. 


Air Link has fitted more than 20,000 systems worldwide in over 10 countries with the highest quality and reliable products to support individual customer requirements and precise specifications. This family-owned and operated company designs and manufactures its system components to ensure accuracy. 

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